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Paper Core Tube
Paper Core Tube
Paper Core Tube
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Paper Tube also known as paper cores, paper tubes, cardboard boxes, bobbins, cones generally used for industrial purposes such as product polyester, aluminum foil, paper mills, kraft paper, duplex paper, corrugated paper, stretch film, packing a submersible pump and a number of items engineering, and every other industry.

Paper core has high durability, better adhesion, increasing the strength of the commodity, environmentally friendly and recyclable and various other benefits.

There are 4 types of paper cores such as:

1. Paper Core STD Core
Core to packaging films, Stretch film (plastic wrapping), the construction industry of film and paper mills are available in various dimensions and strengths.

2. Paper core Core WG
Cores with a smooth surface with no gaps between the spiral coils. Suitable for PP films, PE films, coated paper, towel and tissue paper industry

3. Paper Core Core SPC
Cores with a smooth surface. Features with various surface quality and characteristics are specifically designed to minimize marking on the product and improve the quality and characteristics of the roll

4. Paper Core Prime Core
Cores coated with a surface coating. Having a variety of surface qualities and characteristics designed to minimize marking on the surface and to improve the quality and characteristics of the roll. Suitable for delicate plastic and metal foil, for example composite film, PP, PVC and BOPP films, even for industrial polyester and copper foil industry. Waveness core surface is <100 m.

paper Tube

Paper tube consists of three types namely:

1. FDY Paper Tube

FDY papertube designed specifically for the needs of ULTRA HIGH SPEED with the specifications:
• Dimensional stability
• doffing efficiency of over 99%.
• smooth surfaces and rounded to improve the rolls.
• Special paper top layer and adhesive to prevent tube burst during use
• Strength horizontal excellent to maintain thread tension and weight of the packaging.
• The Power Vertical excellent to eliminate damage during transportation and automatic handling.
• Modern technology for consistent location on a string notching up

2. Paper Tube POY

POY papertube is designed for optimum performance winder and press are Able to assist in terms of reduce cost by producing products that have high levels of reuse.

POY papertube designed for optimum performance and results and can help in terms of reducing costs by producing products that can be used over and over again.

3. Paper tube DTY (Drawn Yarn texture)

DTY Drawn Textured Yarn papertube for designed for needs for variety of denier with a surface flatness and High Strength to restrain of yarn tension. It is very compatible with various generation of DTY Machine that focuses to speed and quality.

DTY papertube for Drawn Yarn texture designed for the needs of various denier with a flat surface and High Strength to hold the thread tension. It is highly compatible with various generations of DTY machines that focus on speed and quality.

We make paper tubes, paper tubes and paper cores of various sizes and can be customized with your request. Each Purchase Core paper in large quantities and routine will be given a discount.

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