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Plastic Wrapping
Plastic Wrapping
Plastic Wrapping
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IDR 6180000.00

Specification of

Stretch film is plastic thin film consisting of several layers of elastic layer and has a strong adhesive power, facilitate the process of wrapping because it does not require glue and straps.

Functions or benefits Stretch Film (Plastic Wrapping):
Isolation of dust or particles of materials delivered (delivery of sand, stone, cement, etc.)
Protecting the product from dust and water (rain)
Efficiency in the process of loading and unloading
Improving product safety in the pack
Tying pile pallet / container products in order to stability awake during shipment or storage
Reducing the effects of friction during handling and distribution.
** Plastic wrapping wrapping provided good quality food grade and non food grade.

Varian Plastic Wrapping and some size:
1. Grade Machine for automatic application (MR)
    Thickness: 17 micron, 18 micron, 20 micron, 23 micron
    Width: 50 cm
    Length: 1200 meters to 1500 meters

2. Grade Manual (HH)
    Thickness: 12 microns, 15 microns, 17 microns, 20 microns
    Width: 45 cm to 50 cm
    Length: 150 meters to 300 meters

3. Bundle Tape (BT)
    Thickness: 10 microns, 12 microns
    Width: 10 cm to 13 cm
    Length: 200 meters to 300 meters

4. Super Mini (SM)
    Thickness: 23 micron
    Width: 6.5 cm
    Length: 150 meters

** Special quality food grade, generally
    Thickness: 14 micron
    Width: 30 cm to 45 cm
    Length: 500 meters

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