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Edge Protector
Edge Protector
Edge Protector
Edge Protector
Edge Protector
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Paper Crafts: Edge protector, paper angle, Elbow Paper, corner protector, elbow cardboard, Flat Protector, Stand Sheet Protector, corrugated protector, cardboard protector, corner protectors, protector wall, wall protectors, L-Shape Protector.

Edge Protector also known as paper elbow or corner of the paper, which is made of cardboard or paper. This product is convenient for your products better protection in warehousing, export or transit needs. Edge protector has great benefits for your product safety.

Edge Protector or elbow paper is a smart choice because they provide maximum protection to your products, offering high flexibility and adaptibilitas not shared by other packaging systems. Also, its use is easy if combined with other ingredients to create a better packaging solution. Our edge protectors are built with quality standards, good precision.

Application of paper elbow:

To protect the product inside the packaging (side protection)
To prevent damage to strapping
To stick option, use - stick option improves handling before final strapping applied
As the amplifier edges of the board. Cardboard boxes can be strengthened by the elbow of paper to ensure extra security on the way and add strength to the composition of the goods.
And other applications
The advantage of using paper or paper elbow angle:

To give better protection to the product, Easy to use, improve the handling and protection of all the products that will enhance the image of your company to your customers.
This makes structured products in the warehouse or during transit. Also to tighten piping or reduce the risk of collapse for packaging.
Low cost but highly effective way to protect the product during storage or transit. This will prevent damage or vulnerabilities and will eventually stop the complaints of your customers, and will enhance the image of your company.
Some of the industries that use paper angle, elbow papers such as: product products marine, paper, plywood industry, the furniture industry and other related, sheet metal, textiles, industrial lifts, glass materials and products Glass, Chemicals, building, industrial manufacture beer, bearings, automobile components, household appliance door, fruit exports, refractoriness, floor coverings, corrugated cardboard and industry - other industries.

Some elbow size paper:

Normal size:

Thickness of 3 mm to 6 mm, a width of 30 mm x 30 mm to 80 mm x 80 mm, length up to 3000 mm

Size can be customized with your request. What are you waiting for ? ? ? use the product immediately Siku our paper.

We guarantee the quality and availability of our product, reasonable prices, prompt delivery and satisfactory service.

Each purchase of a large amount and we will routinely give discounts. Do not miss this opportunity, your satisfaction is the focus of our services.

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