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Paper Can Food Grade
Paper Can Food Grade
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Paper Can Food Grade Paper CupThis paper can paper tube packaging is very suitable for packing snacks. Especially snacks that are dry and long-term.The product of this lightweight canister paper packaging product is made of paper kraft material with a wide selection of food grade material combination variants.Among other things, the lining of the tube is coated with aluminum paper or plastic laminate which indeed already meets the requirements for packaging finished food.The form of this product is quite popular in the market with various brands, but not all tube packaging has the quality and availability as our company offers for you producers or distributors who need healthy, strong and practical packaging.
Various Paper Can SizesPaper cans have many sizes and specifications to meet the demands of paper tube packaging.For tube size and tube type, we serve customer requests and will immediately produce this paper tube packaging according to the customer's wishes.You can measure the size of the diameter, thickness, length with the shape of the lid-open packaging from the light can layer.Although in general the most use of this product is a food company, but you don't need to hesitate if you want to use it as a non-food product packaging, for example medicine, spices and so on.
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