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Honeycomb Core
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Honeycomb Core or Elements inside of Honeycomb Board. Although it has the same main function, but the Honeycomb core is also often sought by customers.Honeycomb Core is different from Honeycomb Board. On the Board, the function of the paper board is ready to be used according to the final size, ie the core has been stretched to a certain size and coated with paper on the flat side up and down.While on the core that is still not stretched, the user can apply it to the size, desired core density level.There are several applicable functions of the Honeycomb Core including, as a structure in the door, packaging side protection boards and various other functions.Honeycomb cores or inside webs of honeycomb boards have been designed with strong durability.Structures with hexadiagonal combination of shapes add to the strength of the surface in resisting the load.Become a ChoiceHoneycomb boards are environmentally friendly paper packaging products that can be used in various types of industries. Door industries.For these multi-purpose needs, we produce cores of various sizes as well.Some of them are the size of a honeycomb board core or hc. core :
Size: Width 115 cm x Thickness 1.6 cm / cm / 2 cm / 3 cm / 5 cmWith a width of 115 cm it can be stretched to a maximum effective length of 160 cm.This core can be used as a structure in a door or wall that is oriented lightly but firmly and has strong durability.PRICE: Rp. 17,500 - 47,500 per sheet** Prices are adjusted to size and specifications (please contact our marketing department for more details).Contact us at soon:Marketing Office:
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