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Honeycomb Board
Honeycomb Board
Honeycomb Board
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Paper Crafts : Honeycomb Board, Board Honeycomb, Honeycomb Pallet, Honeycomb Paper, Honeycomb

Honeycomb or honeycomb board is designed to be very strong because of the hexagonal honeycomb structure that allows it to have increased surface area. As a result, the honeycomb can withstand heavy loads as well as a lightweight and environmentally friendly. Additionally, honeycomb or honeycomb is very flexible and can be applied in various products such as paper pallet, box, Furniter, and others.

Honeycomb board also considered a technology "green" because of the fact that it can replace the use of wood in many industrial applications. Thus, it is advantageous various countries are adopting the concept of green or require their products to be environmentally friendly.

Honeycomb board used for the core material in the door of the house of partition walls, furniture, kitchen, interior boat, plane, car interiors, office interiors, and other purposes that require a lightweight but strong criteria.

The advantage of using Honeycomb Board:

free fumigation
Does not require draining
Lightweight and can be re diadaur
In accordance with regulation ISPM
Very flexible and can adapt to the needs of special transportation.

Honeycomb Board's size there are 3 sizes:

Size: L 1150 x P 1000 mm x thickness 16 mm
Size: L 1150 x P 1000 mm x thickness 20 mm
Size: L 1150 x P 1000 mm x thickness 30 mm
Size: L 1150 x P 1000 mm x thickness 50 mm
We also provide for a length of 2000 mm.

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