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Outer Corrugated Box
Outer Corrugated Box
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The Outer Box is usually used to package a variety of products that need extra protection.These products range from raw material products to the food industry, processed food, electronic products, machinery, even motorized vehicles.
Outer Box Strong PackagingWe produce and market paper or cardboard Outer Boxes or Cardboard Pet Boxes for both the local market and export quality.With various sizes in general Outer Box has a variety of specifications made from sheet cardboard, or hipple ace which is designed in such a way as a product packaging box.In addition, it can also be made from any product that is more effective and efficient to be packaged with this dynamic packaging.This packaging is generally a choice because of several factors, including the characteristics of the product to be packaged, the ease of compiling the product in shipping, transit or warehousing, or also because of security factors.
Outer Box SizeOuter Box sizes vary greatly. This is because the demand for this item is always adjusted to customer demand.We can adjust the size and shape that consumers want according to their needs.Likewise with packaging box wall material. There are various variants of walls ranging from single wall, biwall or triple wall.This cardboard box can also be assembled directly with a cardboard pallet for efficiency in the overall packaging process, so it can increase your distribution costs.
Contact Us ImmediatelyImmediately use our Outer Box, we guarantee quality or production quality, affordable prices, fast delivery and satisfying service.Outer Box
    Outer BoxWe provide special discounts for every routine purchase and large amount. We will also provide services and or replace products that are not in accordance with the agreement.Don't miss this opportunity, your satisfaction is the main thing for us. Let's join us soon, for further information contact us at our Marketing Office :

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