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Mortar cement sack sack - refractory cement
Mortar cement sack sack - refractory cement
Mortar cement sack sack - refractory cement
Mortar cement sack sack - refractory cement
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IDR 79900000.00

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Mortar Sack, Mortar bag, Sack mortar, Karung Mortar, Kantong Mortar, Karung Mortar acian, karung mortar plester, karung mortar perekat, kantong mortar plester, kantong mortar acian, kantong mortar perekat, karung kertas for mortar, kantong kertas for mortar, paper sack for mortar

Mortar is an instant cement product. This product is used for building materal.

Generally mortar product such as Mortar for acian, plester mortar, mortar acian and mortar plester

If your company need paper sack for your mortar product, our company is a best partner company for you to supply this mortar bag quality.

We produce mortar bag or mortar sack for several type of mortar such as for acian mortar, plester mortar .

1. sewn bottom open mouth type

2. Block Bottom open mouth type

3. Block Bottom valve mouth type

Mortar sack available with white kraft paper or brown kraft paper both with or without woven lamination.

This sack can be added with 1 ply of inner plastic PE or HD

Delivery time is about 3 weeks if printing or 2 weeks if without printing.

Payment system is negotiation

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