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Paper Bag Noblen For Chemical
Paper Bag Noblen For Chemical
Paper Bag Noblen For Chemical
Paper Bag Noblen For Chemical
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Paper BagPackaging Bag Compound Bag Noblen or Noblen Sack for Chemical material is a packaging bag made from a combination of kraft paper and woven plastic layers. Usually industry players related to chemical compounds, both products or waste use this product as a mainstay packaging.This Noblen Bag Compound Bag Sandwich is a type of sack / sewing bag. Namely the bottom is sewn down with the top open.While for Compound Bag Noblen specifications have several types.Some specifications for Noblen's Compound Bag
1. Sack Noblen Lamination Woven 1 PlyGenerally the available bag products are of this type.Reverse Noblen Bag [/ caption]Noblen Compound Bag with specifications of laminated kraft paper (sticking) with a layer of PE plastic woven.Usually the kraft section is on the outside and the woven layer is on the inside.But vice versa can also be if the customer wants. Namely the woven part on the outside and the kraft section on the inner side.2. Noblen + Inner Kraft Paper SacksCompound Bag Noblen usually consists of 1 layer of sandwich paper. But the development of its use resulted in several innovations in specifications. Noblen Inner Kraft Brown Sack [/ caption]This is tailored to the needs of consumers. Like Compound Bag Noblen, which is added with another layer of kraft in it.The reason for this addition is very diverse depending on the wishes of consumers. Sack. If added, it can be in the form of 1 kraft layer, 2 kraft or according to the customer's wishes.3. Noblen + Inner Plastic PE sacksIn addition to ordinary kraft paper, the Inner which can also be used and usually extracted is inner plastic bag specifying LDPE or HDPE.Same as kraft paper, many layers are as difficult as customer desires. Meanwhile, the inner position can be adjusted whether it is sewn inside or becomes a separate item with stitches. Noblen White Sacks Use Inner Plastics [/ caption]As long as the noblen sack and inner plastic are two different items, the inner is inserted manually into the sack during use.Design and Capacity of Compound Bag Noblen
The basic colors for kraft Noblen sacks are two, namely Brown and White. This part can be printed as desired by the customer.Print or print design can be done starting from the composition from one color to several colors on demand.[caption id = "attachment_589" align = "alignright" width = "300"] Compound Bag Noblen Print [/ caption]Meanwhile for bag capacity depends on the density of products / goods to be loaded whether chemicals, mortar, cement, food and other objects.

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