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Standing Pouch Bag
Standing Pouch Bag
Standing Pouch Bag
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Standing Pouch Bag is a package for packaging food or organic products that have food grade qualifications. The form of the packaging itself appears with a stand or vertical model with a zipper lock.The raw material itself consists of various materials. There is pure kraft, aluminum laminated kraft, HDPP plastic laminated kraft, or HDPP pure plastic.Standing Pouch Bag, Neat, Hygienic and PracticalStanding Pouch Bag is present to meet the demand for packaging products that want simple neat criteria and not too large volumes.Various types of products, whether food, medicine or spices, can be packaged in this media without worrying about the damage to your product.In addition to the practicality offered, the Standing Pouch Bag also makes your product more elegant, neat and still hygienic.In its development, this package has a variety of forms that depend on consumer design.In addition there are also equipped with open or zippered clips, on the side of the packaging can also be added a kind of funnel or spot for the aroma channel on certain products.Standing Pouch Bag has two more values ‚Äč‚Äčthan other packaging products. In addition to the basic function of protecting the product towards the end user, the clip that becomes the mouth of the bag can also function in an effort to save consumers, when the products in it will not be consumed once. In other words the product can be safe again when it is closed again.What are you waiting for, contact us immediately!

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