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 Pallet is one part of warehousing that is used as a place to put things in order to facilitate the process of storage, calculation, and transportation. Usually the pallet is supported using lifting equipment including hand pallet, hand stacker or forklift. Pallet is designed in various sizes to suit your needs. According to the drive direction, the pallet is divided into 2 types, namely: pallet 2 ways & pallet 4 ways. Based on the material, the pallet is divided into: Wooden Pallet, Plastic Pallet, Iron Pallet, Pallet Mesh.

CV. World Expert Indonesia is a trusted distributor / supplier that sells the most complete pallet. We are the most complete pallet wholesaler that has sold many pallets in various cities in Indonesia. Various leading pallet brands are available here. You can easily search and compare various pallet brands. And also can find pallet price list, pallet specifications. The products we sell are original products with guaranteed quality SNI and low prices.

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